Azealia Banks – Whats her deal and why’s she so angry?

Azealia Banks has quickly become a common name in the music industry. However, it’s not her music she is best known for, but in fact her strong opinions which prove she is not one to shy away, by posting them across her various social media, in her all be it sometimes truthful but abrasive manner. Just some of her online rants have seen her take issue with whole communities, such as the ‘white gays’ as well as specific people, often other entertainers in the profession, in which the list is longer than most people arms. These rants have seen a plethora of reaction provoking insults such as ‘stupid smiling cracker face’, ‘paki’ and ‘saggy white niggas’ just to list a few. So with more and more attention now being placed on the rappers own views, it intrigues me as to what is her deal and why is she so angry?


Now, it can be very quick to assume that she is simply an angry person, or as fellow performer Lady Gaga described her, as someone who just has a bad attitude (resulting in them being unable to collaborate). However, I find it interesting what her reasoning is behind her online presence and what is she hoping to achieve by expressing her aggressive viewpoints.

One of her most recent (and most discussed) outbursts was with former one direction member Zayn Malik. After viewing his ‘Like I would’ video Banks saw many similarities with her own work and took to Twitter to voice her opinion. In several outbursts, believing her work to be plagiarized, she referred to Zayn as a ‘dirty bitch’ and a ‘token brown boy’. However, these racial slurs may at first appear to be an immature simple negligence of what is socially acceptable on a deeper level, it may simply reveal her desperation and aggravation towards her view of the music industry.

Banks, has publicity revealed in the past how she feels segregated and treated differently by her industry due to the colour of her skin.  Additionally, she wrote “I have never felt the pain of not being white the way I’ve felt it since I’ve been a public figure/part of this entertainment industry.” From this it is clear to see her feelings towards the entertainment business and black culture and race as a whole.

After making her views so clear in such an in your face manner with little respect for others, I have to pose the question, what is next for Azealia Banks? Due to her online behaviour she was temporality banned from Twitter and was dropped from a major UK music festival, in which she was headlining, leading many to believe she has been the demise of her own career.

However, she has recently released her latest mixtape under the title ‘Slay-Z’ (receiving an overall positive reviews from critics) and is due to star in the American Musical drama entitled CoCo at the end of this year. So you could say she’s not doing too badly for herself…considering. So it would seem that her behaviour and outbursts has in fact not had such a detrimental impact on her career as many would believe. However, with fewer and fewer negative comments appearing online from Banks herself, I can’t help but feel her management are finally starting to filter her views and we may no longer be seeing the real Azealia Banks.


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