Show me your nudes! I’ll pretend I don’t want to see them

Breaking news! Orlando Bloom’s nudes have leaked! Paddle boarding on holiday some mischievous pap managed to photograph his front junk. And the world has gone into hysteria. I, myself, have had two groups, on separate occasions, message me with the evidence to which we all then discussed it at length, featuring such key intellectual areas as length, girth, positioning and if it’s a ‘semi’ or not. All this was seen as a ‘normal’ conversation.

However, I couldn’t help but think of other famous individual’s nudes being leaked across the internet. Let’s take famous actress Jennifer Lawrence, whose pictures leaked not all that long ago. Now I seem to remember a much different kind of reaction from the public. That was a disgrace. That was an attack on her privacy. That was not OK to look at.

I can’t help but fail to understand the difference. To be completely frank I can only see one major difference and that is there sex. The public, on the whole, seem to feel much more empathetic towards a woman who’s had her private photos aired, than they would to a man in the same position.

And in turn, (on a side note) what is this fixation we have of seeing individuals, many seen as being on a pedestal, stripped bare?

I mean, let’s be honest, it’s not morally right – we all know this. Their privacy has been invaded. But we do all do it, many of us actively go looking for them and some even distribute them, to allow further scope for judgement. We do this even though just about all of us would most likely hate it if everyone we know had seen us in all our naked glory flapping freely. So I have to ask, in today’s society, are we all hypocrites?

What are your opinions on this? Are you first there to see them when the scandal drops?


*Just as I finished writing this my phone pinged to announce me of more Justin Bieber nudes (what a time to be alive, eh?)



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