Give me a job! I’m great, I swear!

Over the past few year, various figures have flown around the UK. Employment at its lowest in years. People claiming benefits increasing. Overall, it’s all just a bit shit really. However, I’m going to hold my hands up and claim ignorance, but I’d never really had an issue. The few jobs I’ve applied for in my time, I’d got pretty easily. Granted there may have been some competition, but nothing I couldn’t take on (yes I know that makes me sounds like a bit of a big-headed nob).

However now, fresh faced out of university and not wanting to go straight into my field (yes, a little pointless I understand) I naively said, I’ll just get a regular job in a shop, a bar…maybe even go back to waiting tables if I absolutely have to.

But what happened?!!


This time round have I noticed, getting a job really isn’t that easy anymore? Out of the 20+ I applied for most didn’t get back to me at. Finally I got an interview at a well-known chain bar. So dressed all nice and dapper, rocked up only to realise it was not an interview…but in fact a recruitment day.

For those of you who don’t know what a recruitment day entails, it involves taking a large group of people and making them perform a variety of activities in the hope of bringing out the qualities and ease off on the ‘pressure’ element of an actual interview.

Now I see why they’ve done this, but of course it takes much longer. I realised this after finding out I did not get the job and therefore in turn had wasted four hours of my life (which let’s face it, I could’ve been using to find another job).

Long story short I am now facing the issue of employment, I am extremely willing to work and very capable, so why will no one hire me?


What are your experiences? Are you struggling to find just a regular job (void of using your degree)? Let us know…


I will just say it’s not all doom and gloom I now have work lined up, thanks to that handy degree of mine!


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