What is the next stage of acceptance?

same as you

Acceptance is a slow process within society. It truly can take years, decades even. Beginning with a generation who become slightly accepting, who teach their children, who in turn teach their children until eventually, whatever it may be, is finally considered acceptable or equal within society to the majority.

Over the years society, within Britain alone, has seen the acceptance of skin colour and a wide range of religions before being followed by the acceptance of homosexuality. In turn, transphobia is the latest to be beginning to diminish as more and more of us are seeing transsexuals for the equals they are.

So this poses the questions; what’s next?

Personally, I believe it could be the mass acceptance of Islam. Unfortunately, due to the rise in Terrorist attacks in recent years, there is an increase in Islamophobia, which had lead to many becoming extremely unaccepting towards those within the faith.

What do you think is left for society to accept? And do you think, in time, there will be acceptance of everything and anything?

Let us know what you think…


(Now, I understand, anything to do with acceptance can teeter on the fine line of offending people. However, I’d just like to establish that this article comes from a [lace of pure curiosity and has n other agendas).


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