Tattoos in Teaching


As a primary school teacher we often have to follow many rules outside of the classroom. Now, these rules are not written anywhere but there are just some huge no’s when it comes to working so closely with people’s children. These include some obvious ones, like simply don’t do meth. However, there is one rule that still to this day puzzles me and that is that primary school teachers cannot have visible tattoos.

I myself have been waiting to get several inking’s for some time now. Although, have been a little reserved due to the fact it may jeopardise my career in some way. Now, I fully understand and appreciate that not all schools would take this stance on the issue. However, I have been in a teaching interview in which a candidate made clear she had tattoos on her arms and asked if the school was comfortable with her showing them. The school took a very PC approach saying, for them they were ok but some parents may take offence, but boycotted the actual question.

Over recent years, the opinion of tattoos has progressed greatly as in many occupations it is no longer an issue. Yet, for some reason, teaching (especially primary) is years behind.

Personally, I would have no issue with my (future) child’s teacher having tattoos, so long as they did not cause offence.


What is your view on the issue? Would you have a problem is your child was taught by a teacher covered in tattoos?

Let us know…..


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