After you sleep, but before you wake

I can hear you call

‘I can hear you call’

Mindlessly scrolling through Facebook a couple of months back I stumbled across a photographer’s striking work. I think, for me personally what initially drew me to his work was the sheer beauty of it. Soft backgrounds and almost magical landscapes often provide a backdrop to a startling subject; in contrast giving his work an almost dreamlike quality.



Prague based, Czech photographer Martin Stranka is well known in the photography world, last year alone winning over 50 awards within his field. This has provided him with a rich cliente including Penguin Random House and Harper Collin publishing. His work is inspired by the narrow gap between dreaming and awaking back to reality, which is evidently clear. Focusing on balance and serenity, Stranka is able to create beautiful photographs with the ability to capture the viewer’s eye.

Wait a little longer

‘Wait a little longer’

Take a look for yourself at his incredible work by going directly to his website at

Or instead take a look at his Instagram @martinstranka

You won’t be disappointed!


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