The new generation of idols


2016 has truly been the rise of the YouTube star. If viewing videos of their everyday lives seeing them do everyday activities wasn’t enough, most of them now have books, magazines, websites and a plethora of other mediums dedicated if you just can’t quench your thirst for them.

However, more so recently, I’ve noticed the target audience of these stars is getting younger with many children going online to learn more about their favourite youtubers. Now this has led me to pose the question, is it safe?

We often hear in the news how children have been targeted online by those older with ulterior, more sinister motives. To combat this we teach them the importance of cyber safety and not giving out any personal information online.

However, these stars, whom many children idolise have their personal information branded across the net for everyone to see and do with what they see fit. Additionally, many of them vlog daily, allowing the public access to other aspects of their lives such as their work and family life. Does this just echo that children copy what they see?

As it stand this is all fairly early days so I guess none of us can be certain f this is even an issue but only the future will tell.

Let us know what you think….

Do you think there is a potential problem here?


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