Sickly sweet but oh so good!

Melanie Martinez performs at JBTV Music Television on February 1
Photo: Jeremy Witteveen |

Still relatively unknown in the UK (however soon due to commence a small UK tour) Melanie Martinez has quickly carved out her own brand of dark pop. I was drawn to her music firstly through seeing the American Horror story season four trailer, in which her hypnotic song ‘carousel’ set the perfect tone for the much loved freak show series.

Miss Martinez herself began her singing career when she appeared on The Voice USA in 2012 at the young age of 17. Even at this age she captivated many with her dark, slowed down cover of Britney Spears Toxic. Since then she’s released her full album ‘Cry Baby’ branding her genre as a style of dark electropop.

Her sound is truly unique, a blend of electric melodies accompanied with often sickeningly sweet lyrics, which in turn, often lend themselves to a much darker set of themes. Martinez describes how her album surrounds the character of Cry baby (which holds some links to events of her own life) focusing on such themes as kidnap and murder using childish metaphors.

Her lyrics have both the ability to remain in your head as well as allowing the listener to consider the various meanings they may have. This is displayed through her cryptic song titles such as ‘Tag, you’re it’, ‘Alphabet boy’ and ‘Sippy cup’.

It’s always difficult to justify a musician’s work in writing, and especially so with Melanie Martinez, as her style is so unique and captivating. Therefore, I urge you to have a listen…

Visit her website at

Her personal style and fashion sense also proves to be just as dark and interesting, as she explores and mirrors her genre of her music. Check out her Instagram @littlebodybigheart

Melanie Marinez (2)

Let us know what you think of her…..

Are you as much of a fan as we are?


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