We all need to step up our procrastination game

John Kenn Mortensen’s artwork has a definite horror feel to it, often featuring secluded landscapes with monsters, beasts and spirits as the focal points. What makes his intricate illustrations even more remarkable is the fact he uses post it notes as a canvas. By doing so, Mortensen believes it reduces the pressure of consistently creating a masterpiece as they can be quickly binned if needs be. On top of this, he normally has them to hand, at his desk, therefore allowing him to quickly create his work was soon as the idea begins to form.

Sketch 4

What we find even odder is that he is not an artist by trade. Although always having a love of drawing, Mortensen’s day job (back in Denmark) is in fact working in character animation for TV shows, in which his doodling and illustrations are often done at his desk in his spare time. What do you do when you can’t be arsed working?

sketch 3

To be completely honest, there’s not a whole lot we know about his illustrations, so we figured we will let his work speak for itself.

sketch 1

Give him a follow on Instagram @johnkennmortensen

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Sketch 2


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