I can’t stop looking!

Marc Clancy

Right, before you scroll any further, I’m just going to forewarn you all this is some pretty gruesome stuff and those of vomiting disposition should probably give this article a miss. However, we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to showcase such an immense talent!

So here goes…

Special effects is a quickly growing business and at the true forefront of this is Marc Clancy, under the name Powdah. Ironically, this isn’t his full time job, when he’s not making himself look like a piece of hacked raw beef he works as a design consultant.  Therefore all this blood and gore is simply a hobby (I think we all need to up our hobby game).


Everything he knows is self-taught! Beginning in 2014 he acme documenting his learning on Instagram and YouTube, which has now resulted in over 300,000 followers!

Powdah 1

We’ve tried to select some of his tamer image but you can go see his full collection of work @powdah

Or visit his website directly www.marcclancy.com

Just make sure you have a strong stomach…


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