Small fragments of beauty are all around us

Slovak photographer Michal Pribylinec, believes beauty is all around us in the world and everyone has their own individual idea of what this ‘beauty’ is. He therefore uses photography as a means of expressing his own perspective of what he believes to be truly beautiful in the world around us. Specialising in capturing moments with people and fashion excites him the most as a photographer.

We caught up recently with Prague based photographer Michal Pribylinec (or just Mike, as he likes to be known) to take about his work, influences and what’s next.

Have you always had a love for photography?

Actually no, I haven’t. My interest has started in 2005 when my sister came back from Milwaukee in Wisconsin where she studied as an exchange student and one of her profile subjects was photography. She came back home to Slovakia with dozens of photos she created there in thick photo albums and I couldn’t stop looking through those albums. And since we had a digital camera at home I decided to give it a shot. Since then I haven’t stopped. 

Who influences your work?

I love work of Sonia Szóstak. I can always stare at her pictures for a while because they’re never flat. I also love photos by Martin Stranka (check out our article all about his work) because his work tells stories and he always delivers.

At what age did you start taking photography seriously as a profession?

It’s still not my profession. It’s not a full-time job for me. When I feel like it’s time I take my camera and I go.

What do you want your work to say and how does it reach this end goal?

I just want it to represent my imagination. The goal is simple – to bring out emotions.

What’s next for next for you and your work?

Right now my priority is to work on my portfolio and seek inspiration all around me.

Mike is truly a great guy and has a huge talent for photography. We urge you to go look at his impressive work at

Or take a look at his Instagram @mike.billy

We at VinylOctopus know it won’t just his part time job for much longer!

Let us know what you all think….



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