It’s cool, my wife knows…


There’s no doubt about it. Open relationships are on the rise. Still a fairly new term and going against the grain of a typical monogamous partnership, an open relationship can be defined as being a marriage or relationship in which both parties agree to have sexual relations with others. Now, it’s not quite as black and white as this, as there are different forms of open relationship, however, for the purposes of this article we’ll just use the umbrella term to encompass them all.

Many claim that this new-fangled type of relationship has in fact improved their own understanding and connection with their primary partner. In the past many have regarded infidelity as the ultimate betrayal. This is due to the importance placed upon sex. Sex is seen as special, meaningful and a vital part of forming a bond with another person. Subsequently, to then have sex with another person is seen as a truly awful act.

However, increasingly, more so recently, sex is being seen as just an act. Granted, sex can be all those things previously discussed aiding in forming an incredible connection with another person. However, sex can also just be sex with no feeling attached. Many even go as far as to say it’s when you don’t tell your primary partner that you’ve had sex with another is when problems begin to form.

Now, I may be seen as old fashioned. But for me a relationship is still primarily an important bond between two people, both emotionally and sexually. I do however also believe that sex can just be sex, but this should not be partaken in whilst either party is in a relationship.

What do you think about this issue? Would you be happy with your partner having sexual relations with another?

Let us know what you think….


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