Breathtakingly beautiful

Breathtakingly beautiful, Oprisco’s work truly is eye-catching and visually stunning. Ukraine born, Oleg Oprisco is truly extremely talented, however, there is one aspect of his process that completely sets him apart; that’s his use of old school film! Unlike many photographers Oprisco refuses to alter his work digitally, subsequently everything you see is in its rawest form and is precisely how it was as it was shot.

Because of this method, he thinks extremely carefully and hand selects the outfits, the models, the makeup, the location and the props, planning every detail so his concept and ideas can truly be bought to life.

Each photograph he produces is based on real life as he believes that is truly where beauty lies, in everyday circumstances and scenarios. This is evident in his body of work which often features a dreamlike, fairy-tale quality, using a soft palate without being comic or too over the top: truly a representation of the beauty in life.

We cannot express enough just how beautiful Oleg Oprisco’s work is and we urge you to take a further look.

Visit his website directly at

Or take a look at his Instagram @Oprisco


Do you love his work as much as we do?


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