Men under pressure

Its common knowledge that woman are bombarded with unrealistic images of the female body. Additionally, it’s well known what effects this can have, causing damage to self-esteem, whilst resulting in some women changing their lives in an attempt to achieve this standard of the unrealistic ‘perfect body’. However, what about men?

For years women have been chipping away at this issue (but I am in no way suggesting that it has been eradicated), with many campaigners and advertisers even altering their public image to remove these standards. But there is still a gender divide on this issue.

You only have to venture onto social media, Instagram, watch TV, look at a billboard and its clear to see what is considered the ideal means body. Think abs, muscles, manscapped. But it would seem looking good for men isn’t an easy job. There’s waxing, threading, moistening, shaving, tanning, exercising, and eating a precise amount of calories
all washed down with a protein shake or some form of luminescent pre/post workout which may or may not make you shake. Either way, it’s a lot of work.

perfect mens body

So how is this different from the unrealistic standards women see in the media every day?

I think, it’s time we as males realised that airbrushing takes place, whether it’s a man or a woman on that billboard, it takes place. And it’s often not practically achievable to have the perfect body with everything else going on in life.

What do you think of this issue?

Do you have the perfect body and do you think men give themselves a hard time?

Let us know what you think…


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