Can we argue in a bit? Nobody’s watching

Barely a day goes by now without some celebrity scrap plastered across the media. Usually fought over Instagram or twitter high profile individuals decide to public argue in front of their fans over a variety of issues, big or small.

Take for example the latest Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber tiff that recently took place on Instagram, resulting in Justin removing his account. Throughout this argument sly, passive aggressive digs and insults were engaged before the tone became much more serious in which allegations of infidelity and lies were tossed into the mix.

Now my issue isn’t with their personal lives and what they choose to do with it, my issue is – should they be doing it over social media? I can’t help but feel, that this sets a bad example. I mean, personally I can’t stand it when people I know decide the air their issues over Facebook, let alone celebrities.

What do you think?

Should celebrities keep their private lives private?

Let us know….



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