Bloody Baking Brilliance


I came across this pair about a couple of years ago when I was lucky enough to get tickets for their edible art show at Munro house in Leeds. Truly an incredible exhibition in which the bakers remade life sized replicas of famous art pieces out of various baked goods (which yes, we got to eat). Since then I’ve seen various pieces of theirs pop up across the country, which undoubtedly, are always stunning. So we decided to take a better look at their work.

gingerbread house

London based pair Eddie Lebeau and Richard Amon make up the dynamic duo known as the Tattooed Bakers who’ve got a very impressive clientele including the likes of Google, Disney and even Mick Jagger. Their work has included the creations of huge 14 foot gingerbread houses and life sized cake Unicorns. I am yet to see something these two can’t make. And speaking from experience their cakes not only look incredible but taste just as good.


The Tattooed Bakers truly are masters at their craft and are consistently pushing the boundaries of food art.

Take a look for yourself by visiting their website

Or take a look at their Instagram @tattooedbakers


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