Luke Baldman – Where streetwear meets sophistication

Men’s fashions can be a pretty hit and miss subject. Finding your own sense of style and the ability to put together your own look can be tricky. We have the pleasure to introduce the polish born, but currently living in Germany, Luke Baldman. It just takes a glance at his Instagram to see it’s immediately apparent that Luke dresses well. This is evident by his extremely healthy following on Instagram of over 10k, who regularly check in for the latest style inspiration. We recently caught up with Luke to give us his do’s and don’ts of men’s fashions.

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What’s your day job?

I’m a Jurist working for the local authorities.

Is having a good sense of style important to you, and if so why?

Of course it is. If you have a Sense for Style, you enjoy creating new outfits. If you’re enjoying the whole Process of creating a new Look, the result is always much better.

How would you describe your sense of style?

I would describe my style as a combination between streetwear with some classic elements.

Have you always been quite style conscious or is it something that’s developed as you’ve got older?

My style has developed over time. I would say it is still developing. It began when I was a teenager, probable when I was about 16. I didn’t have much money so I learned how to dress up to date with a small budget.

So does that mean you shop on the high street, or do you tend to go for the bigger labels now?

I usually buy my clothes from stores like H&M, Zara and ASOS. But sometimes I like to have a highlight of my wardrobe to make sure not every second guy on the Street has it.

What item of clothing would you just not wear?

A skirt with leggings for men… Yes I’ve seen it…it exists… Believe me!

So what item of clothing do you think every guy should have?

Every man should have a good quality Leather Jacket. But please not a red one!

Can you think of an outfit that you’ve worn over the years that you remember loving, but now looking back really wasn’t the case?

Nope … Oh wait … One year ago I went through a stage of wearing red sneakers. Now I regret it, because those red Kicks just look awful.

Luke is always up to date on style and a great source for inspiration when it comes to all aspects of men’s fashion, take a look and follow him on Instagram @Luke.Baldman


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