The raw and Poetic, Bill Wu


We actually stumbled across folk singer and songwriter Bill Wu on Instagram. Initially, he took an interest to our post and began to follow us. So we returned the favour and had a look at his page and took a particular shine to his sound cloud, which is where we found his song Lonely River. A truly beautiful acoustic song we knew we had to learn more. So we caught up with Bill Wu to find out more…

20 year old Bill Wu, originally from China, however now splitting his time between London and Oxford to study, has always had a passion for music, learning to play a variety of instruments from a very young age including the saxophone and the piano, however, is now primarily focusing on the guitar and his singing.

Inspired by the likes of Damien Rice and Bon Iver, his songs replicate their beautiful and easy listening tones whilst still having a true meaning. Drawn to their unique melodies and raw poetic lyrics, Bill pens his own work, inspired by these elements. Lonely River, for example, explores frustrations, and bitterness, and ghosts of longing tempered by knowledge that come hand in hand with relationships. However, Bill also expresses that he doesn’t always like to label his song with a definite set meaning as they can mean different things to different people.

This summer he’s been all around London performing small gigs and focusing on putting together his debut EP. However, until then you can listen to his song Lonely River directly on his SoundCloud at

Or take a look at his Instagram @billwumusic

We love his sound, but let us know what you think….


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