I need to do my makeup, can you pass me that cake?

Over here at Vinyl Octopus we love cake (I mean, who doesn’t). Subsequently, we’ve built up a healthy vocabulary over the year for describing cake which includes, delicious, mouth-watering, and our all-time favourite – moist! However, recently we’ve had to add a whole new set of words to this little subsection of adjectives; mesmerizing, stunning and incredible! Now you might think we’re laying this on a bit thick, but you won’t once you see the baking genius of Olga Noskova.

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Olga creates incredible cakes using a kaleidoscope of colours. However, they are probably most well known for their incredible mirror shine! (If you you’ve been keeping up with the Great British Bake off they were featured last week, but I don’t think any came close to Olga’s standard).

Russian born, Olga Noskova creates this incredible texture using an old French technique which involves using a basic set of ingredients; gelatin, sugar and water. After this base glaze has been created variations can be used by adding colouring and flavourings. However, this cannot be applied straight to the sponge (as it would just be soaked up) so instead the cake must be covered in a cream or frosting first.

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Her cakes have recently become a viral hit, as Olga can now boast a very healthy 613000 follows.

Check out her work for yourself @olganoskovaa

Let us know what you think…

Too good to eat?


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