The creeping Fog of bipolar disorder

Since the dawn of time the human mind has been perplexing. Personally, I still find it fascinating that after years of medical and scientific breakthroughs we still are no closer to understanding conscious, emotions and the mind. This of course often allows for endless inspiration when it comes to artwork. Maren Klemp explores this mystery masterly through her photography.

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Klemp was diagnosed with bipolar disorder back in 2013. Her artwork often mirrors this aspect of her life, to what she describes as her inner turmoil that can go hand in hand with her disorder. Her imagery, only using black white, truly captures the tragic beauty of her mind. In many of her photos there appears to be an element of action or danger, be it falling or drowning. Yet her subject remains entirely calm, often ethereal and void of any emotion. Separate form the situation.

Klemp describes these mental lapse as a gentle fog that creeps over her mind causing paralysis and a loss of control, an invisible disease. Her work truly captures this in its purest form.

Visit her website and check out her work for yourself

Or take a look at her Instagram @MarenKlempPhotography

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