Allow your mind to fill in the gaps


These stunning and mesmerising, beautiful GIFs are the work of artist George Red Hawk. Native American in origin and legally blind he uses these GIFs as means to show other how he sees the world around him after suddenly losing his sight, as he was not born visually impaired.


He describes the process as being when not enough data is received to the brain, subsequently it attempts to fill in the gaps with what it believes may be there. From this he has created an impressive body of work – ‘The world through my eyes’. Red Hawk does not however believe himself to be an artist or his work to even be art, as that has never been his intention when he creates his work.


However, in our eyes this is definitely a beautiful selection of artwork. The movements throughout his work are often calm and tranquil and often his pieces could almost go unnoticed that they are in fact moving, however I believe that merely adds to their subtle brilliance.


Let us know what you think……


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