Using alcohol as an excuse?

photoThe charity Drink Aware expressed this week that their findings revealed that now, the biggest risk for female students, in the UK, on a night out is now sexual harassment. More than half of the 2000 people surveyed said they had been victim to some form a sexual harassment whilst on a night out. This often includes such actions as groping or verbal sexual abuse.

To begin with I found these findings to be extremely shocking. However, once I began to think more in depth and refer back to my own experiences of nights out, it began to resonate some truth. It is true that often the mix of alcohol and a lack of inhibitions can cause an increase in self-confidence. I believe this may partly be a cause for this statistic. However, I still find it alarming that many now may consider this the norm.

Furthermore, it makes me question, does alcohol simply provide an excuse for behaviour which is otherwise unacceptable?

What are your views on this issue?

Do you agree that this is common place?


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