I think it’s about time we took up yoga


If I’m honest, I’ve never really been one for yoga. For fear of sounding incredibly ignorant, I just didn’t get it. However, the proof of its benefits are out there, although one recently resonated with me more than any others I’ve seen and that’s the story of Heidi Williams. One word that can instantly come to mind when describing Heidi is ‘survivor’, and she definitely is that. A survivor of PTSD, depression, anxiety and rape Heidi looked for a means to find a place of peace and acceptance again.


Through yoga she has managed to aid her own healing process as well as that of others. Through social media she has managed to spread her message across the globe using eye-catching imagery. Her account often depicts photos in which she contorts herself into a wide variety of poses and positions, truly revealing the benefits yoga can have on core strength and flexibility.


Like I said, I’d never really been one for yoga, but I think now, I’m due to start a session.

Check out her Instagram @heidiwilliams89

What do you think?

Are you a yoga fan?


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