What is it with dolls that makes them so creepy?

realistic-doll-faces-polymer-clay-michael-zajkov-2Do you ever remember as a kid getting a new doll or an action figure? As much as we loved them I often remember thinking who actually looks like that. I mean Barbie truly is flawless (but, as is anyone in that much pink). But let’s be honest, its well-publicized, people just don’t look like that. The neck alone couldn’t really honestly support such a huge weighty head!

However, this is not the case with these dolls!

Russian artist Michael Zajkov crafts these stunning life like dolls. With incredible attention to detail. He creates truly breath-taking figurines that even boarder on looking just plain creepy. However, none the less, they are incredible. Based in Moscow, Zajkov studied at the Kuban State University (Southern Russian) where he learnt his craft working in a puppet theatre where he made all of the outfits himself.

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Each doll is made from a type of modelling clay with specifically made glass eyes, real hair wigs and 13 individual moving joints. Considering he only began making dolls in 2010 he has since rapidly built up a large Instagram following of over 478k.

Go check out his work @michael_zajkov

Let us know what you think…


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