Nothing screams romance like being unable to breathe

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When I and another individual are getting on particularly well, and romance is blossoming many activities spring to mind that we may do. We might go for dinner, maybe the cinema or even push the boat of out do something a bit more extravagant. However, I can honestly say, never in my life have I thought I really want to be vacuum packed to this person.

However, this is what Tokyo based artist Haruhiko Kawaguchi does. His photography work focuses on the emotional bond two individuals may have for one another. This is represented by the individuals being lubed up together, before being placed in a large, transparent plastic bag to which the air is then sucked out of. (Obviously, the couple are without air for a short space of time, however, emergency aid crews are always on hand, just in case).

By doing so Kawaguchi attempts to show the power of love, by having the couple as close as physically possible to one another. In turn, he believes that love is the most important thing in life and believes if we all had a similar outlook the world would be a much more positive place.

Personally, although oddly beautiful, it feels far to claustrophobic for my liking.

Let us know what you think?


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