It took me 7 hours to write this article, I got distracted


It’s nothing new to hear that most of us nowadays are addicted to technology. I myself am just as much of an offender as everyone else. I struggle to go a day without my phone and I regularly pick it up to scroll through various forms of social media to fill up my brain with information I don’t really care about, often about people I don’t really care about.

However, this idea that we are all now constantly attached to our mobiles really hit home for me recently after seeing an advert for Distractagone. Distractagon (yes, we are aware it sounds a bit like a Transformer) is essentially a tiny safe for your phone. You pop it in then set a timer. This container subsequently will not open until the timer has run out. Supposedly this allows us to remove the distractions having our phones nearby can cause and essentially allows us to get on with other things.

Personally, I found the notion of this a little alarming and comedic at the same time. Do we really have such little control that our devices have to removed entirely for us to actually do anything?


Check out the Distractagone  at

What do you think? Is your phone slowly taking over your life?


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