Tongue tattoos…so yeah…that’s now a thing

Of all the random sources we get a lot of our article inspiration from this came from my dad of all places (he’s oddly into tattoos for a man that has never even entertained the idea of having one). So yeah…turns out tongue tattoos are a thing and they’re in fact on the rise!

Typically they tend to be very simple designs, often quite rudimentary in style. This is simply due to it being almost impossible to have a permanent tattoo on the tongue. Primarily this is due to the renewal of cells. Particularly within the mouth the cells are replaced extremely often, subsequently, after a short amount of time, the cells on the tongue that have been tattooed usually shed, leaving another blank canvas. This results in some only lasting up to two weeks! (However, some have been known to last up to two years).

Personally, I think the only thing that could sway myself to getting a tattoo on my tongue rather than anywhere else would be the fact that the pain is minimal. It’s often described as a tickling sensation.

Now, we at VinylOctopus like to be fairly impartial when it comes to self-image, so honestly, don’t let this article neither persuade nor dissuade you from getting your tongue tattooed. We only ask one small thing; send us a photo if you do!


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