Bittersweet, the exploration of depression

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Earlier this month we took a look at the work of Maren Klemp who used her art as an expression of her own life living with bipolar disorder. However, the mind is a complex thing encompassing many different aspects which can lead to an endless amount of outcomes due to varying contributing factors.

So today, we introduce to another artist who explores another area of the mind. 20 year old Christian Hopkins, like Klemp, uses his art as an his own coping mechanism for dealing with depression. His work appears mesmerising and captivating. However, they often depict a strong sense of loneliness and and deep sadness.

For anyone who may have suffered from depression, his themes are clearly evident and relatable. The battle with oneself on a daily basis and the inability to remove the shroud over your entire life.

There is a bittersweet mess to his work that such sadness can produce such breath taking and thought provoking pieces.

Let us know what you think?
Can you relate?


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