Inspired by Nature, Influenced by Technology


It not hard to not see immediately what drew us to Gish’s work. Each piece is uniquely bold, distinctive and eye-catching. His use of contrasting colours and breath-taking landscapes and natural surrounds create extremely intense and surreal abstract pieces.

The longer you look at an object the more abstract it becomes and, ironically the more real.

Jamison Alexander Gill was born up in the US, growing up in California’s central valley. Whilst there he attended the California State University, graduating in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, before returning to complete his masters in 2011. Since then he has put his qualification along with his natural flare and ability to good use creating stunning portfolio of digital work.

His artwork marriages two aspects harmoniously, though poles apart. Inspired by nature his pieces often depict breath-taking natural environments and forms. However, he is influenced by technology which lends itself to his distinct choice of pattern, depth and colour.

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Check out some of his work directly at

Or check out his Instagram @jagishart

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