Photographing the Inhospitable

In the photography world David Yarrow is a well-known name as his work has been making waves for years. Even at the young age of 20, as a student in Edinburgh, he won the prestigious ‘young Scottish photographer of the year’ award. Additionally, he covered the Mexican World Cup for The Times, creating a firm foundation for his impressive portfolio to build upon.

However, nowadays, Yarrow no longer covers sporting events. Instead he photographs the world’s most remote locations often considered inhospitable for humans to live. However, whilst in these settings he focuses on the breath-taking, challenging landscapes as well as the people and wildlife that inhabit them.

To be completely honest, my writing ability can do his incredible monochrome masterpieces justice. So we are simply going to show you his breath taking work (below).


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Let us know what you think…

If you’d like to know more visit www.


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