A father’s photographic conversation with his autistic son

As a teacher working with young children every day I often see autism in many different aspects cascading across the spectrum in varying forms. Characterized by many different aspects such as difficulties with social interactions and repetitive behaviour autism holds roots within a child’s very early brain development.

Timothy Archibald, a San-Francisco based photographer began photographing his five year old son’s behaviours as a coping mechanism for dealing with his child’s diagnosis. Creating a project, known as ‘Echolilia’ it allowed him to, not only capture his son’s alternative behaviours but also bring him closer to understanding his son and finding some common ground.

Echolilia come from the alternative spelling of the term echolalia used within the autistic community to describe to process of repetition, a common behaviour with autistic children. His process of capturing his image involves each person taking a lead. However Archibald comments that often when his son takes the leads, he generates ideas that he would have never thought off.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A truly beautiful set of images that gives an incredible insight into the real life of living with an autistic child.






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