Performance in Motion


If I’m completely honest, personally performance pieces rarely peak my interest. But like I said that just me, they’re not my cup of tea. However, occasionally a piece comes along that does the complete opposite; which is exactly the case it New Orleans based artist Heather Hansen.

Hansen’s performances begin with her laying on a large blank piece of white paper armed with only charcoal. From here, her body begins twisting in fluid like motions. Audiences watch her captivating, almost mesmerizing performances until she removes her body from the page. Only then can her audience view her unique final work.

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Her work forms beautiful patterns varying in shape and texture. It provides a beautiful reflection of the movement used within its creation.  Hansen explains her process as trying to match her own nature with nature.

Take a look at her instagram directly @h.e.a.t.h.e.r.h.a.n.s.e.n

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