Justin Bieber: Frustrated artist or spoilt brat?


Recently, a pair of my friends went to see the one and only, Justin Bieber in Manchester, paying an unreasonable (in my opinion) amount for a standing place (yes, it was still even more money for a seat). However, the day after I got a message saying he was great, but he’d stormed off stage. After a little more digging it became apparent that Mr Bieber had thrown his mic to the ground and stormed off stage mid concert because he was sick and tired of the screaming.

To be completely honest, this didn’t come as a surprise to me, with all of Bieber’s antics to date so far. However, it lead us to think; should we respect the artist’s wishes by doing as they request at their concerts?

The man himself, did in fact return to stage after about ten minutes to cool down, however, he assured the audience that he would not talk between songs as Manchester clearly couldn’t handle it.

Now, I personally see both sides of this. On one side I can understand how the constant screaming could become incredibly frustrating (or as Justin himself described it ‘obnoxious’) if you’re on stage trying to get a message across. However, another half of me thinks stop being a spoilt brat (as blunt as that may be). People have paid a large sum of money to attend your concert and they’re the ones who have got you to where you are today. Additionally, if you don’t want that kind of atmosphere don’t play in those kind of venues with that many people.

Now I also understand that it is not as black and white as this, Justin is continuing to have trouble adjusting to his life in the spotlight. However, professionalism and being respected for what you do can take you a long way in show business, and it’s always good to remember that.

What do you all think about the issue?

Do you think sympathise with Justin?

Let us know….




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