Look beyond the Chaos


A lot of art showcased in the media today is precise, clean cut, in which every aspect is both purposefully and meticulously placed and thought out. However, today’s artist’s work uses an element of chaos as a means to create a stunning collection.

Currently residing in Beirut (Lebanon) artist Naji Chalhoub produces some incredible work. Primarily using portraits they appear simple. However, they’re in fact an entirely different affair, lending themselves to beautiful detail through the apparent disorder.

Additionally, Chalhoub’s artwork often contrasts one another. Some of his portraits appear serene, calm and peaceful. However, in a stark comparison, others appear painfully twisted and contorted depicting an expression of pain, suffering and sadness.

Now unfortunately we don’t know a whole lot about the artist himself, so we will let his beautiful pieces speak for themselves.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you like to see more follow him on Instagram @najimir

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