The beauty of the male form


As much as Instagram sometimes gets some slack for being mostly photos of food and pouty selfies there’s is undoubtedly some incredible work to be discovered on there. Which is exactly the case with today’s artist who we recently uncovered whilst scrolling through the app.

We introduce to you the incredible photography work of Portuguese, Cassiano Grandi (who out of all our photographers so far is one of my personal favourites). However, although all of his work is truly beautiful, today we refer directly to a particular collection of his work entitles ‘Lost Star’. This breath-taking selection of images showcase the male form. Using light, shadow, glitter, smoke and other techniques Grandi captures stunning images. His subjects throughout his work often appear serene, calm and completely void of the movement of goings on around them providing his work with a sense of serenity about them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let us know what you think…

We urge you to follow him on Instagram @Cassianograndi

Or take a look at some of his other incredible collections of work directly on his website at


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