Breast is best

Just a heads up, today is a little out there but we couldn’t resist!


Breastfeeding has been seen by many to be a crucial part in bringing up a child providing an intimacy between mother and child. However, Kelly Howland of Sacred Legacy Arts has taken this one step further. Many mothers simply breastfeed their child and leave that at that. However, Howland decided that it’d be great if mothers had a memento of this moment of intimacy they shared with their child (yes, we also thought a photo may just suffice).


Subsequently, she created jewellery made from breast milk (yes, you heard right). By firstly turning the liquid in to hard substances using chemicals she can create an almost gemstone like solid. This can then be moulded and polished, like a precious stone, into various shapes. Once she has created the correct shape and texture the stone can then be placed into a variety of jewellery, be it a ring or a necklace.

Now, to be completely honest, when we first heard of this concept we weren’t to keen on the idea. However, Sacred Legacy Arts explains that they symbolize the struggles and triumphs that come with breastfeeding and act as a reminder of both a mother’s strength and the incredible unique bond they share with their child.


To top it off they’re actually, extremely beautiful!

What do you think?

Would you wear breastmilk?


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