Children Glued


Nearly all of us watch TV. It can entertaining, enthralling, we find ourselves becoming engrossed, transfixed by our screen. Or for some it us it can act as a background noise, something to fill the silence. Brooklyn based photographer Donna Stevens creatively uses people’s viewing habit as a start point for her project, known as ‘Idiot box’.

Stevens however, does not photograph the TV itself, or even the adults watching it, instead she focuses directly on the children glued to its screen. In doing so, she is able to capture a wide variety of expressions and moods. These range from smiles, excitement and confusion to even glazed over and disinterested faces.

Some may find the images unsettling, feeling there is almost a brain washing, cold feeling to her images. However, some have also discussed how her work reveals the true beauty of television and its powers in which we can all be transported to completely different worlds.

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