Everybody has a Story – Day 10

Firstly, we apologize for not uploading any new content for a while. We have been extremely busy working on new content.

However, today is the final day of our Everybody has a Story segment. Our final day come from Leeds (UK) born Harry. Harry has asked to remain anonymous for the purposes of this interview.

Firstly, how old are you and what do you do for a living?

I’m 23 and a student nurse.

Please can you give us a brief background about your life?

I had a fairly normal upbringing to be honest. Being gay was never really considered an issue as such but I went to a catholic school growing up so it wasn’t really discussed a whole lot. The only thing that sometimes made it a little difficult was that ‘gay’ was seen as a negative term. It would be batted around then playground calling one another gay with extremely negative connotations.

When did you realize you were gay?

I realized I was gay at about 16. I knew for a while before that something was a bit different but it took me a while to fit that jigsaw piece into place and realize myself. Only once I’d fully realized myself could I then begin to tell others.

When and how did you come out?

I chose to come out quite a while after I realized myself. I waited until the right time, till I felt comfortable and it was ‘safest’ to do so. I remember I told my best friend first. Then after that I didn’t really sit down and tell people, I just snuck it into conversation and no one really batted an eyelid.

Have you ever experienced any discrimination due to your sexuality?

Like I said, I chose when to come out carefully. I remember a classmate at school came out very early at about 15/16 and was relentlessly bullied for it. I think it was just an immature ignorance around the people around him. Otherwise, personally I’ve only had the odd thing shouted. It’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve was a personal favorite. (Maybe if it was Steve he wouldn’t have fucked up like Eve….just sayin’).

If you could give your younger self, or anyone else currently struggling with their sexuality what (if any) advice could you give them?

As cheesy and cliche as it sounds just be true to yourself. Make sure you’re as comfortable as you can be in yourself first before you tell others.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Harry for his help with this project and for his frank honesty and wish him all the best for the future!


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