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Nidal’s work captured our attention for obvious reasons. His use of bright contrasting colours and tones, along with the skilled placement of his subjects and matter, works harmoniously to create beautiful [l pieces that enthrall and spark the imagination. Additionally, his work clearly holds strong links with nature, which is immediately apparent.

His work interested us so much we had to find out more. So we managed to catch up with Nidal to discuss his work…

Have you always had a love for art and is it something you always wanted to do for a living?

Art is a huge word…I don’t remember how for our relationship goes back but I guess it started the day I was born. But I think a relationship with art is something that doesn’t have to come to an end when you cease being a small child. I just used to not see things the way they were, but I chose to look instead at an artistic element of it.

I think we’ve both (art and I) grown together each day, every minute has been a lesson. At first I didn’t know it was just me that saw things from so many different angles, but this difference in me was art.

Why wouldn’t I like to do the thing I do best for a living? But even in the art world people don’t see things the way I do, it’s something that still being discovered and it’s me that know best what I must go through and how to create my pictures. Sometimes my electricity and buzz is gone in a few hours and sometimes I receive very hard criticism towards my work, but this only spurs me on.

I came from a very backwards area where art is still taboo, and I did not/do not receive any motivation or encouragement. But my fuel for my work has always been my love for new, innovative and unique aspects that I can create something amazing out of.

Are you influenced by any other artist’s work, and if so, who?

For me the biggest artist is the maker of everything the maker of everything and the biggest example of what inspires me is simply, nature. It inspires me every single day.  I live in a Balochistan in Pakistan, it still fairly undiscovered and untouched, because of this it’s so amazingly rich in culture and tradition, but at the same time it’s both socially and economically deprived.

Its diverse landscape ranges from dessert to mountains, from the dry winds of Kharan to the weird creatures of Noshki, from the lush green vally of Ziarat, to the isolated seas of Gwader, from gold and diamond filled ranges to hungry and lost children; it’s a place with no technology and our lives are simple. We are mostly void of the digital world. We get the internet for a few hours a day but this is enough to set fire to my imagination, this is enough to show me the path of what I can do.

What is the process you go through when creating a new piece?

It’s totally based on my subconscious feeling whilst incorporating things I want to touch, feel whilst living to the fullest I can. I try to incorporate every element of nature into my art. Additionally bugs and topography fascinate me.

I travel a lot too, so its second nature to me to just sit down somewhere and open Photoshop, thats the time when everything comes to life, and every piece has something to tell, a story that otherwise, everybody would be unaware off, but though a digital platform can be accessed.

What do you want your work to say and how does it reach this end goal?

My work doesn’t refer to a particular people, race or creed but attempts to reach everybody; regardless of geographical location or linguistic barriers. Anyone who has an appreciation of nature will find a ‘familiarity’ with my work and may be able to make a connection.

Some of the feedback I get is so overwhelming, it really spurs me forward to work every day and create something better than yesterday.

So tell us, what’s next for you?

Professionally, I’d like to do my masters. But unfortunately, there is no masters of Film and TV here in Pakistan, but I would love to continue to pursue my education.

We’d like to thank Nidal for taking the time to talk to us, his responses we both thought provoking and intriguing.

Check out more of his work @Nidalsher and let us know what you think…

Do you love a piece in particular?


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