Awash with birds


Today we introduce you the beautiful and vibrant work of Vorja sánchez. In particular we focused on his illustrations of birds. Simple as it may sound, his use of watercolours and the everyday pencil crayons creates a beautiful and whimsical effect, lending his work a playful yet charming feel that would not be out of place in any fairytale book.

Aside from pencils and paint, Sánchez also incorporates a wide variety of mediums to aid his work. These range from spray paints, to ink, to bold thick graphite pencils. However, all in all, it aids in the creation of his style; an almost chaotic yet precise feel.

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Sánchez is currently Barcelona based but takes his inspiration from all over the world, particularly from his time in Nicaragua. Additionally, his had a vast beautiful body of work that we urge you to go look at.

We assure you’ll be as captivated as we are!

Take a look @vorjailustracion

Let us know what you think…


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