Animalistic contrasting beauty

Here at VinylOctopus, we interview and discuss a lot of artists encompassing a wide variety of work. However it’s rare that we get to focus on two very different collections from the same artist.

Subsequently, today we are delighted to showcase the work of Indian born Rohan Sharad Dohotre. Working as a designer and illustrator he takes heavy influence form nature, specifically animals, which is clear to see as they stem deep throughout his body of work.

His first collection we look at is the more recent ‘Mechanimals’. Essentially he recreates typical animal forms using a wide variety almost steampunk looking contraptions. Simply using black ink he is able to form beautifully intricate pieces.

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Secondly, today we look at his ‘One Stroke’ collection. Running parallel to his ‘Mechanimals’ he uses only black ink. However, instead of intricate detail he uses one 1 stroke of his pen without lifting from the paper.
With each paired taking only roughly 15 seconds to complete it provides a stark contrast between his more detailed and intricate works, however still producing beautiful results.

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Take a look at his large body of work @rohandahotre and let us know what you think…


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