Grindr finds a Safe Space


Finding a safe space is paramount for survival. Additionally for a mental wellbeing a space to eel entirely comfortable to be whoever you are is a necessity. Everybody needs a safe space. However, 2016 bought to the light the importance of safe spaces within the gay community with events such as the US presidential election (in which homosexuality was a hotly discussed topic) and the Orlando Pulse shooting.

Subsequently, working in collaboration with Grindr, Berlin Photographer explores this concept of ‘Safe Spaces’ in his book ‘Home’. Featuring a variety of portraits of Young men Lambert met through the app [Grindr] along with other social media. In a interview with Dazed magazine Lambert explains how people who have never had to hide can never truly understand the importance of these spaces or in fact the necessity of them.

A truly beautiful book depicting young males in hiding at their most vulnerable.


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