I believe in democracy until it doesn’t go my way

It comes as no surprise to any of us that one of the most talked about news stories in the world, let alone within politics, in recent years was the victory of Donald Trump in last year’s US elections. Subsequently his viewpoints split, not only the nation, but the world in two, those for and against his leadership. However, regardless of hind site, Trump managed to clench a victory and become the new president of the United States (just in case you were somehow unaware).

This of course, did not ‘unite a nation’, it instead merely further polarised the public. Although it may seem easy to shun the US and their choices, it would appear 2016 resonated with nation splitting choices, I am of course talking about Brexit (which still no one has a bloody clue what it actually means).

Again, this caused outrage with many, causing marches, demonstrations and petitions to be signed in order to revoke the decision, just as with the US election result.

However, we at VinylOctopus pose this question, do we all really believe in democracy?

Now, we don’t mean to say that any particular political view is right or wrong, however, when it goes to vote, should that vote then not stand, regardless of the result?

We cannot help but think it a world we’re elections do take place, but in which the outcomes do not really matter, as they can be revoked if someone changes their mind.


It’s odd really that this came to our attention particularly last night at the Golden Globes ceremony, in which Meryl Streep clearly voiced her political opinions on an issue that had already been ‘resolved’.

Now we are aware the issue is not black and white, although, an election is an election…

We’d love to hear your view on this matter…
Do you think a decision put to election should be able to be revoked?

Let us know…


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