The beauty in clothes with holes


We wear clothing everyday. Some of us see the beauty in it and some of us meerly view it as a way of covering up our naked bodies. However, it may be impossible to not see the beauty in the garments handcrafted by Greek artist Stratis Tavlaridis.

Currently living in Athens, he intricately designs and creates patterned items of clothing made simply from paper. His goal; to make everyday things beautiful whilst additionally providing them with a new elegance.

He first designs his patterns before painstakingly putting scalpel to paper to cut out each section individually. Subsequently, they are then presented hanging. This allows light to shine through all the beautiful detailing, whilst allowing the garments freedom to move and flow naturally.

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In addition to clothing, he also creates other items such as curtains and table clothes.

Check out more of his incredible work on his Instagram @stratis_tavlaridis or go to his website


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