Gritty, Souly, Hippie Boy

Describing himself as a gritty, souly, hippie boy it easy to see Martin Luke Brown’s appeal. Uk born, from Leicester in the Midlands, he commands his own unique style with a scruffy, handsome 80’s throwback image to match.

Taking influence from the greats; Stevie Wonder, The Beatles and Ray Charles he produces an eclectic selection, whilst all remaining within his style, each having their own charm and appeal. From his song ‘Shadow and light’, lyrically beautiful and heartfelt to ‘Take me out’ displaying a heavier, up beat song in which we hear first-hand his strong falsetto vocals, its clear to see he will go far.

His voice is beautifully calm yet strong, with airy, raspy tones whilst maintaining to be clean and controlled. With an already an impressive resume to hand which includes such highlights as supporting the Maccabees and Newton Faulker. We here at VinylOctopus really think he’s really one to watch.
Find out a bit more about him at
His EP Take out of me is available now on iTunes.


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