Faceless Beauty


Amy Judd focuses on the feminine form and how it intertwines with nature, forming a bond between human and natural beauty. Each piece depicts the female form, shrouded in mystery as the face is covered by an aspect or element of nature. This lends her work an almost whimsical yet dark quality.

Often using pastel, delicate tones her pieces convey a sense of calm and tranquility whilst remaining intriguing. Judd explains how her use of various textures, such as feathers, or using specific anatomy like butterfly wings creates a sort of armour, shrouding and protecting the women depicted.

In turn, she describes how although such things as feathers may appear delicate and fragile, they are in fact the opposite, conveying aspects such as strength, flight and bravery.

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Currently Hicks Gallery in London has exclusivity of her work.

But if you wish to see a little more before you manage to get there, check out her page on the Hicks gallery site:

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