Raw knife skills


Scrolling through Instagram one day it was clear to see what drew is to Salman Khoshroo’s incredible work, which could be best described as beautifully raw; a jagged beauty that we rarely see every day life. Simply put he uses a palette knife, as opposed to a brush, to create his pieces. This allows his work to form a plethora of contrasting textures, grooves and ridges that rise and fall, giving his work a dynamic almost movement like quality.

Based in Tehran, Iran Salman,although studying a degree in digital arts, the entirety of his painting skills are self taught. This passion and skill in fact stems from when there was a political unrest in Iran. This subsequently resulted in him having to spend more time in the studio than he normally would. This additional time allowed him to focus on his improving his skills jwhich has resulted in these stunning pieces of work.


Furthermore, to the variety of textures formed by using a palette knife he also chooses select colours that often contrast one another or possibly compliment one another to achieve the desired affect needed to create the layered illusion of tone.

Each piece displays the human form and through his use of shapes, direction and bold differentiating surface textures he creates beautifully stunning portraits.


Currently Salman has recently completed his latest project entitled ‘HeadJig’. This uniquely translates his 2-D painted work (using his palette knife) into a 3-D form created by using wires, entangling then together.

For more information on Salman Khoshroo’s past or future work visit his website directly at http://www.salmankhoshroo.com

Do you love his work as much as we do?
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