Natural paper thin beauty


Educated in London, currently living in the South of France, deep within the forest (yes, we are aware this sounds like the beginning of a fairytale, but i think it adds to the charm) is where artist Rogan Brown creates his beautifully detailed work.

Intricately detailed, the English/Irish artist focuses on natural patterns within nature, as found in such things as coral, microbes and bacterias. Using these patterns he delicately, using a mix of hand and laser cutting, creates beautifully, multi textured pieces of work out of paper.

Each piece is both unique and captivating. The natural patterns and repetitions lend themselves to a certain hypnotic quality. However, although inspired by the natural world, they are not carbon copies. Brown insists that they and all fiction. He observers their natural counterparts closely, although they are fundamentally not identical. This is due to brown expressing that he enjoys to play on the line between imagination and the real world.

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Check out Brown’s work by visiting his Instagram @rogan_brown_

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