The blue journey – An insight into depression


We at VinylOctopus now have written a few articles about mental issues as well as showcased several artist’s work that tackle aspects of mental health and well being. We believe it’s paramount, now more so than ever, that we discuss these issues openly and freely so they can be addressed, and the appropriate aid can be given where necessary.

Subsequently, today we introduce you to the incredible photographic work of Gabriel Isak. Isak himself, struggled with depression for a period of his life. However, using this he created his uniquely beautiful and symbolic photographic project ‘The Blue Journey’.

By creating each image, Isak hopes to give the viewer some kind of understanding of what it’s like living with depression. Often depicting a figure (it’s never specified who and the faces and not shown), alone against a vast landscape, exploring the themes of isolation.
His work truly allows us to delve deep into his themes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Take a further look at his extensive body of work on Instagram gabriel_isak

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


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