An artist with a hatred for wind


Here at VinylOctopus we’ve always been a sucker for detail, this is clearly evident in some of the art we showcase, and there’s no exception with today’s artist, Paris based Duy Anh Nhan Duc. His work is delicate, time consuming and painstakingly intricate but ultimately he produces incredible botanical art pieces that can only be admired for both their beauty and simplicity.

Any of us, through our childhood or older, that have picked up a dandelion bloom know just how fragile they are. Disinintigrating in the smallest gust of wind or movement. However, it’s this fragility and poetry that Duy Anh Nhan Duc find so intriguing and is subsequently why he chooses it as his medium.

Sometimes using the whole bloom, and others using individually plucked seeds he mounts them in to steel or wooden boards, then, covered in glass, allows them to be protected. Using this simple concept he creates truly stunning installations.

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To see more of his unique work follow him on Instagram @duyanhnhanduc or visit his website directly at

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